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Custom Manufacturing

We do custom fermentation, custom freeze drying , custom blending & custom packaging for a variety of applications. Our manufacturing facility is totally Kosher certified. All our products are Kosher.

We currently do private label for Probiotic Cultures, Meat cultures, Dairy cultures, Silage Cultures and Malolactic cultures in custom packets from 20 g to 20 Kg pack sizes.

We manufacture lipases & other enzyme blends for dairy applications.

We do special culture fermentation, cell fractionation and freeze drying for specific applications including anti angiogenesis factors for treatment of cancer.

We are currently manufacturing Probiotic Cultures enriched with high levels of Oligo Ribo Nucleotides (ORN) less than 10 KD for specific applications.

We have come up with a new and revolutionary concept of using probiotic cultures.


Our Probiotic Cultures are extremely stable due the combination of proprietary fermentation and freeze drying technology.